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Our Super Bio-Ferment Complex™

Our Fountain of Truth™ formulas contain our Super Bio-Ferment technology of clean, safe, gentle, and highly effective, fermented, skin-loving botanical ingredients.

Why Are Fermented Ingredients So Super?

Efficacy and potency of ingredients may be increased when they're fermented because they can be "broken down" into smaller molecules to help improved the appearance of skin's surface.

Smaller Molecules, Greater Power

Smaller molecules can allow for more skin penetration, hydration, and soothing. And that's not all, fermentation can also help the nutrient density and concentration of skin-loving ingredients. All this makes for a gentle, yet effective formula to help to improve texture, tone, dryness, and the appearance of fine lines.

Seaweed + Five Fermented Essential Minerals

  • Wakame Seaweed has powerful antioxidant benefits.
  • Iron, Magnesium, Copper and Silicon get fermented and play important roles in helping skin look and feel healthy.
  • Zinc is an important antioxidant for the skin.
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